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Partnership and parents


Parents are partners at Brooklands Farm. We believe parents are at the centre of all that we do. As a school, we are privileged to hold the candle of a child’s life for a short period of time, but it is the parent who keeps the candle alight for a lifetime.

At Brooklands Farm, we believe all parents want the best for their children. We listen carefully to parents as it is their views that shape the developments of the school. This school belongs to its community. Our role is to ensure all voices are heard and  to bring equity and equality to collaborative decision making.





New beginnings 

Our whole community is new. Everyone is finding new friends, new neighbours and creating new communities. 

We aim to weave in people’s talents and aspirations as they arrive into our community.

The ways we work together are new and therefore the systems, community rules and our community identity is still being formed. 
Our community has had huge success to date and have come together to create a social platform from which families can thrive. 
At Brooklands Farm Primary school, we know that by providing space and time for people to come together in different ways, we will  have a successful learning community.



Building a community

Brooklands Farm Primary school was the first building on the block. It is in the heart of the community. 

As the community grew so did the number of schools we supported. Fen Street Campus was our first building, Countess Way was the second. Our vision was that when primary aged children from the Broughton Gate and Brooklands area met in the park, they would know each other. They would know how to restore justice and know who to tell if they were worried. 
Parents would be familiar to each other thus having joint responsibility for all children in the area.

Our vision  is ‘One community, one school, one local plan for success’.




Parents role in learning

We know that children whose parents take an active role in their children’s learning make better progress than those who do not.

We know that in the primary years family influences have a greater impact on learning than school influences.

Gains made in pupil progress made through parental engagement tend to be permanent.

Reading achievement is best where parental engagement is high.

Parental aspirations for their children are a strong predictor of future achievement. The belief in children that ‘they can do’ comes from the parents.



The safeguarding of our community is our primary concern of our community. 

At Brooklands Farm we are building of this legacy upon the columns of trust, listening and adaptability.

Our children are everything to us. 

We know our children are part of a wider community. By planning together as one consistent school we can provide additional resources for our school that are unique to our area. 

Additional child protection, social workers, family worker and health professionals come around us at Brooklands Farm to ensure our children thrive. 



There are three golden threads in this community - The child, the parent, and the community. We hold these threads tightly as we weave our learning journey.

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